Installation and configuration Tibia MULTI-IP Changer [7.1-9.81]

What I have to do after download?

1. Run Installer Tibia Multi IP Changer
2. When you run the Installer, the installation begins, a detailed description along with pictures ancillary see on your screen

After successful installation, you can easy use our software!

I already installed Asprate's MULTI-IP Changer, what next?

1. Start the Tibia client used by OTs, to which you want to connect
2. Now open the already installed Tibia MULTI-IP Changer
3. To connect with OT server, complete empty windows of Tibia MULTI-IP Changer:
*OTs IP or server name
*correct PORT
*correct version of Tibia
4. After completing the information on the OT server, press 'Change IP'
5. Now go ahead and log into the game! ;)